Chipped Teeth: More Than Just a Cosmetic Problem

Do you have chipped teeth? Although our teeth are naturally strong, certain stresses can cause chips, cracks and breaks. While this may appear to be merely a cosmetic issue, a chipped tooth may indicate oral health issues. 

Chipped teeth mean more than just a cosmetic inconvenience

How Did I Chip My Teeth?

Common causes of chipped or cracked teeth include:

  • Biting something hard like hard candies, an ice cube, or a bone
  • Experiencing trauma to the face such as a punch or being hit playing sports
  • Cavities, which weaken the teeth
  • Poor oral hygiene, which can leave you vulnerable due to thinning tooth enamel and other issues
  • Bruxism, or excessive teeth grinding

How Can I Fix Them?

Treatment of chipped teeth depend on the size and location of the chip.

Even if your chip is tiny and painless you should see a dental professional for instruction and treatment. An untreated chip can grow and result in exposed nerves, which leads to tooth sensitivity and pain. In the case of those larger chips treatment may include a root canal and possibly a crown or implant to replace the tooth.

How to Avoid Chipped Teeth?

  • Watch What You’re Eating: Biting into candy like lollipops and sucking candies are a sure way to chip a tooth. Additionally, the sugar in these candies can cause tooth decay.
  • Buy a Night-Guard: If you have a tendency to grind your teeth you may be doing it in your sleep as well. Investing in a night-guard can prevent damage from unconscious grinding.
  • Maintain a Consistent and Effective Oral Health Care Regimen: Brush at least twice a day and floss daily for the best results

We Can Help

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth don’t hesitate to contact Farber Center for a consultation to implement a treatment plan. Our services both treat and prevent ailments like chipped or cracked teeth.

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