Dr. Chondrogiannis Explains Pinhole Surgical Technique® Training

Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis at Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants on Long Island explains his training in Pinhole Surgical TechniqueÆ. The training for the Pinhole Surgical TechniqueÆ was an intense two-day course with the inventor of the technique, Dr. John Chao.  It includes meticulous attention to the instrumentation that Dr. Chao has patented. The… Read more »

3 Doctors with 3 Different Specialties

Here at Farber Center, we have three experienced Periodontists with three different specialties. Dr. Farber specializes in 1DaySmile where patients can restore their confidence with a one-day solution through extensive dentistry. Dr. Chris specializes in the Pinhole Surgical Technique which helps patients with gum recession. This procedure gives patients a pain-free option to fix their… Read more »

Great Periodontal Treatment Experience with LANAP

Dr. Vasiliki Batalias at Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants discusses teeth saved by LANAP procedure and patient’s excellent follow-up and self-care. A particular LANAP case that stands out in my mind is that of a man in his thirties who had just seen his dentist the week before to have two molars extracted…. Read more »

Holistic Dentistry

Farber Center provides holistic options for our holistic patients that everyone can benefit from. We believe that total body health starts with your oral health. Your oral health is connected to chronic conditions and vital body functions such as sleeping, heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Farber is a member of the American Academy for Systemic… Read more »

Pinhole Surgical Technique® Requires Fewer Office Visits

Long Island periodontist at the Farber Center explains how the Pinhole Surgical Technique produces minimal discomfort and saves patients time in the dental office. For patients the biggest advantage of the Pinhole Surgical Technique is being able to have multiple teeth treated in one visit.  I can treat an entire arch in one visit, which is different… Read more »

How Smoking Effects Your Oral Health

Bad habits are hard to break, but smoking is one of the worst habits a person can have when it comes to good oral health. Smokers are at risk for gum disease, tooth loss, tooth staining, and even mouth cancer. The problem is the inhalation of nicotine into the body. When nicotine enters the body… Read more »

Hauppauge Periodontist Treats Long in the Tooth Patients with Gum Grafts

Hauppauge Periodontist Dr. Alan H. Farber explains how a relatively simply gum graft procedure can help make “long in the tooth” patients look younger. As periodontal disease progresses over time, the supporting bone begins to shrink due to the disease process, and then the gum tissue follows the bone.  This process of gums shrinking or… Read more »

Long Island LANAP Bootcamp

Farber Center hosted Millennium Dental’s Long Island LANAP Boot Camp November 10. We have a strong belief in continuing education so all of Long Island can benefit from highly trained individuals. From our study clubs, Long Island Dental Forum and overall Farber Center hosted several dentists in the tri-state area to become certified in the… Read more »

Fight Hunger and Cancer

For our fourth annual Food Drive, we have partnered with Long Island Cares to help our community fight hunger and fight oral cancer! Long Island Cares not only gives food to those who need, but other services such as pet food from the Baxter’s Pet Pantry, emergency response, and children’s nutrition programs. Long Island Cares… Read more »