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Bone Grafting: What You Need to Know

You may be wondering what exactly bone grafting is and what it has to do with dental implants. Farber Center offers bone grafting as one of its many services. It is a key method to restore your smile through regeneration. Farber Center periodontist Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis breaks down the procedure and what you need to… Read more »

Holistic Dental Practice on Long Island

Holistic dentistry is part of the core values of Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants. Oral health is connected to the central nervous system, heart, circulatory system, and immune system among others. Not only does the significance of these numerous mouth-body highlight the importance of preventing and treating oral disease, but it also has significant… Read more »

Hauppauge Periodontist Treats Long in the Tooth Patients with Gum Grafts

Hauppauge Periodontist Dr. Alan H. Farber explains how a relatively simply gum graft procedure can help make “long in the tooth” patients look younger. As periodontal disease progresses over time, the supporting bone begins to shrink due to the disease process, and then the gum tissue follows the bone.  This process of gums shrinking or… Read more »

Word of Mouth-Our Favorite Way of Meeting You

Word of Mouth-Our Favorite Way of Meeting You We love our patients here at Farber Center. We enjoy interacting with everyone from the first time you call to make an appointment, to the time you come in for your visit and then following up on how you are doing after treatment. We care about your… Read more »

Vitmain D Equals Strong Teeth

Vitmain D Equals Strong Teeth Did you know Vitamin D could help your oral health? This summer, Vitamin D can help your teeth maintain its strength. Studies have found that Vitamin D can help in controlling periodontal disease. Vitamin D encourages growth and can strengthen the bones around one’s teeth. This is because Vitamin D… Read more »