The Team at Farber Center strives to give our patients the very best and most comfortable care to improve not just their oral, but overall health as well. We hope that we have achieved this, and perhaps even exceeded your expectations. One of the kindest compliments we could receive from you is a testimonial and we would very much appreciate a few moments of your time to find out what you think. It would mean a great deal to us if you would leave a review on our Google+ page by clicking on either of the links below:

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Referral Testimonials

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Dr. Alexis Gersten : “As a general dentist when I send my patients to a specialist I need to know that my patients are being cared for to my own high standards. My reputation is at stake when I refer my patient to another dentist. At Beach Dental when our patients are referred to The Farber Center For Periodontics and Dental Implants we know that they will be cared for by the team and doctors with respect and expertise.”

Dr. Ed Sevetz : “Alan is a scientifically-minded practitioner of the art and science of periodontics and dental implants. He helps “set the bar” high for all other practitioners for the enhancement of patient outcomes.”

Dr. Paul Leary : “Alan H Farber is a concientious and thorough provider. He sets a very high standard in the delivery of exceptional care to all his patients. He is profoundly commited to the improvement of his clinical abilities and makes every effort to improve all those who work with him to achieve the highest standards of care in modern Dentistry and his specialty of Periodontics.”

Dr. Michael Sherman : “Not only does he provide outstanding, comfortable treatment for my patients, he tirelessly coordinates a local study club with ease and professionalism”

Mark Marinbach : “Nu-Life Long Island is a Full Service Dental Laboratory that specializes in implant prosthetics. We have had the pleasure of restoring implants that were placed by Dr. Farber for many of our clients. The care and detail that Dr. Farber puts into his implant surgery makes our job easy. Dr.Farber is one of the finest Periodontists in the area.”

Dr. Snehal Sheth : “Dr. Farber is very good periodontist, all my patients who have been to his office admire him so much.  He is very easy to work with and the staff is amazing.

Dr. Neil Starr : “Dr. Alan Farber is a professional dental colleague of mine. As the consummate professional, he has always devoted himself to more study and education as it becomes available within his specific field of expertise.. that of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. In fact, several years ago, his vision to disseminate and share relevent and current professional information, spawned an internet site that creates amazing dialogue and the ongoing transfer of invaluable material among likeminded, similarly-trained colleagues. The site is a real connector and has become the “go-to” site for many periodontists and prosthodontists. Dr. Farber has always impressed me with his easy manner. He is very approachable. His recent decision to start a Seattle Study Club for his professional dental colleagues in his community is another example of his ongoing commitment to ‘striving for excellence’ within his profession and for his patients. A truly admirable colleague I can whole-heartedly recommend. Sincerely, Neil L. Starr”

Dr. Craig Smith : “I highly recommend Dr. Farber for periodontics and dental implants. I’ve referred patients to Alan for more than 7 years now and I have been wowed each time with the results of each case. More importantly, my patients have been pleased and impressed with Dr. Farber’s office and treatments.”

Dr. Glen Kreitzberg : “Dr. Farber is a quality periodontist and a quality individual. I am confident that he provides great care and I feel confident referring to him. He is meticulous, technically superior and caring.”

Dr. Mark Kahn : “I refer to Dr. Farber because the cases are always successful. Implants are consistently placed accurately. When I work with their office I risks are eliminated. I am impressed at how well the soft tissue is handled. It is a pleasure to work with your offices.”

Dr. Claire Giordano : “I have a long history of working together with Dr. Farber and an immense amount of confidence in him as a surgeon. Alan has a high level of integrity and treats patients with respect. I know what to expect and I know what I get back is going to work! I do not always get this from other surgeons.”

Dr. Anthony Fazio : “Once again, Dr Farber and his Associates are on the cutting edge of dental technology and procedures. Their office is always accommodating and my patients that have been seen  over my 13 years have always walked away pleased. It’s always nice to know that good specialists are literally “around the corner”

Dr. John Gentile : “Just a quick note to say thank you for the time you spent with me and my office staff on Friday.
Your presentation on periodontal treatment and ideas presented were greatly appreciated and will prove to be beneficial.
I am looking forward to working with you in the future.”

Peter Klein, DDS : “Mrs. Lois M’s case turned out beautiful, thanks to perfect centering of the fixture and a perfect angle of emergence. Thank you for a beautiful placement; made my job easy, and made me look good.”

Dr. Richard Sigismondi, DDS: Alan- I would like to take the opportunity to say how much I appreciate working with someone of your caliber. You are that rare person who combines an insatiable quest for knowledge, a commitment to be the best and the personality to put people at ease.  The icing on the cake is that you have cultivated a staff who support you tirelessly. I feel fortunate to work with you and am glad to have you as a friend. Enjoy the holidays and know 2013 be your best year yet!

Dr. Al Berger, DDS:  Over the past 17 years, I have placed my trust and confidence in the very capable hands of Dr. Alan Farber. I have referred many of my patients to him over that time, knowing they will receive the best of care whether it be for implants, crown lengthening, periodontal surgeries or cosmetic periodontal procedures. Dr. Farber has worked closely with me to design treatment options for my patients using the very latest technology dentistry has to offer. In many cases the treatment that is provided exceeds the patient’s expectations. Dr. Farber is driven to be on the cutting edge of dentistry both academically and technologically. He has been a mentor, a colleague and a friend to me.

Online Referral Form/ RecordLinc
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Please print the referral form below, fill out and scan & email, fax, or mail to our office. You may also

log onto RecordLinc for online secure referral.

RecordLinc will allow you to refer patients to our office and collaborate on case development.

  • A HIPPA compliant and secure way to:
  • Share patient data and digital images
  • Correspond with one another
  • Review current treatment and next course of action
  • Automatically track patient progress
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Long Island Dental Forum
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Our Mission

To promote optimal patient care by encouraging the practice of dentistry according to the guidelines established by the A.D.A To remain the pre-eminent provider of quality education in Long Island To lead our members to develop an understanding of interdisciplinary dentistry through education of each discipline To maintain an open level of communication between the academic community and private sector, so as to provide the highest quality of health care services To promote and encourage the advancement of dentistry to the highest standards of quality, to the end that the relations of the profession with the public shall be worthy of full confidence

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MemberShip Benefits

The Long Island Dental Forum is an ADA recognized provider which allows attendees of our meetings to earn Continuing Education credits.

Your time is invested wisely at Long Island Dental Forum. The courses we select are designed to address your clinical as well as business concerns including the latest developments in dentistry and dental techniques. We also include practice management programs to help you and your team members work together to better educate your patients.

As a member of the Long Island Dental Forum you will recieve:

  • The opportunity to network with a diverse group of your peers
  • Share business related issues
  • Discuss management and teamwork concerns
  • Present and evaluate clinical cases of interest
  • Membership to the Long Island Dental Forum includes membership to the Seattle Study Club, including a subscription to the quarterly treatment planning journal as well as newsletters.

Current members of LIDF have found that the professional and personal associations they have developed have proven helpful to their practices on a daily basis. They often comment about feeling “less isolated” and greatly enjoy the encouraged problem solving and communication opportunity membership has provided.

Spear Study Club
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ITI Study Club of Long Island
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Spear Study Clubs focus on real-life cases and actual treatments – with expert clinicians presenting the latest techniques. The intimate scale of eight to 12 like-minded peers encourages guided learning, interaction and interdisciplinary camaraderie. Spear is with you every step of the way.

What Makes Spear Study Clubs Different?

The most rewarding club you’ll ever lead

An easy way to grow a network of high-caliber peers who share expertise and referrals. Whether you define success in financial terms or by intrinsic rewards, a Spear Study Club is the quickest route to achieving your goals.


It’s efficient with your time; schedule just 8 meetings a year and attend a 2-day seminar as a group

Enriched Learning

All members have 24/7 access to Digital Suite’s online resources to reinforce learning outside of meeting times

  • The ITI’s mission is “to promote and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of implant dentistry and related tissue regeneration through education and research to the benefit of the patient.”
  • Founded in 1980 and has more than 11,000 Fellows and Members
  • Reputation for scientific rigor coupled with a strong patient focus. The organization supports the premise of well documented treatment guidelines backed by extensive clinical testing and long-term results.
  • ITI’s two fundamental principles remain unchanged:
  • scientific independence
  • non-profit oriented thinking.
  •  Copy of the latest volume of ITI Treatment Guide every year
  • Subscription to ITI journal Forum Implantologicum
  • Significantly reduced entry fees to Int’l & National ITI congresses & educational events

Membership Dues

  • Access to online portal ITI Website
  • Regular literature updates every two months
  • Summary reports of international implant congresses
  • Free participation in ITI Study Club Meetings – CE Accredited
  • Full access to a broad range of national ITI Section activities
  • Direct access to one of largest & most prestigious Int’l academic networks in implant dentistry
  • Meets 4 to 6 times a year –Every Other Month to Quarterly
  • Members of varying backgrounds offering a dynamic learning experience for all age & experiences.
  • Education & Specialty can vary: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, General Dentist, Resident, Certified Dental Technician, Implant Representative
  • Meetings will be didactic and participatory consisting of
  • Lecture with Guest Speakers
  •  Workshops
  •  Hands on Activities
  • Case Development & Presentation

The Long Island Dentists Message Board is limited to dentists only, not open to salespeople or staff.


Each member may have only one e-mail address on the list. You will not be able to send messages to the list from any address other than the one you specified on the signup form.

To change your e-mail address on the list, contact us. Your new address will overwrite the old. Remember that updating the e-mail address with Dr. Farber’s office does NOT change your address on the list.

Additional Member Benefits

PURPOSE: To share information with Dental Colleagues in the Long Island Area for the mutual betterment of all concerned. Information including, but not limited to: case planning, dental issues, staff issues, supplies and equipment issues, management issues.

HOW IT WORKS: Any licensed dentist in Long Island can register their email address with the message board.

Once Registered:

  • You can contribute as much or as little to the message board. (you can be a silent reader)
  • Whatever you present, or any questions asked will be distributed to the entire group via email.
  • This is a listserve and is not edited.
  • Most members set up a folder within their emails (with a rule – subject LIDentists) so that all emails are stored in the folder.

Current members of LIDF have found that the professional and personal associations they have developed have proven helpful to their practices on a daily basis. They often comment about feeling “less isolated” and greatly enjoy the encouraged problem solving and communication opportunity membership has provided.

Listserv Terms of Use
  •  Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants provides this listserv for the benefit of all Dentists on Long Island but does not endorse the opinions or information shared through the list.
  • Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants cannot and does not assume responsibility for determining the accuracy or ownership of material communicated through the list. Nor is Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants responsible for screening, editing, or monitoring such material.
  • Listserv messages are intended for Dentists only and should not be shared publicly.
  • All messages should relate to the practice of dentistry and may address topics such as clinical procedures and treatment options, products and therapies, practice management and marketing, insurance claims, and use of technology.
  • Please keep communication professional and constructive. Avoid inflammatory language, insults, and personal attacks.
  • Do NOT discuss fees charged for services, to avoid violating antitrust price-fixing restrictions.
  • Do NOT mention any patient’s name for any reason and/or send out photos or radiographs that contain patient information
  • Do NOT send list members any solitication for personal gain or advertising for commercial products or services.
  • Messages intended for individuals should be sent to their personal e-mail addresses, not the list
  • Replies will go to the whole list unless you enter the address of an individual in the “TO” field
  • Do NOT enter an email alias when you sign up for the listserve. Because messages sent to an alias are forwarded to a different address, you will not be able to send any messages to the list if you sign up with an alias
  • Always fill in the SUBJECT field when sending a new message to the list. When replying to an inquiry in another member’s message, leave the subject the same
  • When your reply changes the subject, be sure to change the message’s SUBJECT field.
  • Keep your computer’s virus protection up-to-date to protect your system and other members on the list
  • Suggestions for Long Island Dentists listserv should be sent to Dr. Alan Farber not the list.

To unsubscribe to the listserv, e-mail Dr. Alan Farber. The message should contain the following command in the body of the message on a line by itself: unsubscribe.

    Questions and comments about the listserv should be directed to Dr. Alan Farber. We welcome your suggestions for improving this member communication tool.

LI Dentist Message Board
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Farber Center on LinkedIn
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