Bad habits are hard to break, but smoking is one of the worst habits a person can have when it comes to good oral health.

Smokers are at risk for gum disease, tooth loss, tooth staining, and even mouth cancer.

The problem is the inhalation of nicotine into the body.

When nicotine enters the body through the mouth, the nicotine and tar from the tobacco can make your teeth yellow in a short period of time. Heavy smokers can even accumulate so much staining that their teeth turn brown.

Those who smoke are more likely to produce bacterial plaque, which is what leads to gum disease. When gums lack oxygen in the bloodstream, gums become affected and infected gums cannot heal. Those suffering from gum disease can worsen the disease more quickly than non-smokers.

While smoking can lead to other cancers such as in the lung or throat, it can also cause mouth cancer too. Thousands die from mouth cancer as a result of mouth cancer every year.

While visiting your dentist is important, it is especially important if you smoke. Make sure to visit your dentist regularly for a normal check-up and full mouth examination so your dentist can spot signs of gum disease or mouth cancer early. Early detection is key to further treatment.

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1641 NY-112 Suite B, Medford, NY 11763

1641 NY-112 Suite B,
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