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LANAP Laser Surgery

Another recent development in periodontal treatment is the use of the laser to regenerate bone. Performed without a scalpel and requiring no sutures, LANAP™ creates an environment for regeneration of the tissues around your teeth (gum, bone, cementum, ligament) that are lost due to periodontal disease.


We are a premier provider for 1Day Smile/All-on-4®. Our revolutionary technique using state-of-the-art technology will dramatically improve your quality of life by restoring confidence in your smile—all in just one visit!

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry looks at dental health as one part of an individual's overall health. Oral health and its connection to the central nervous system, heart, circulatory system, and immune system—among others—is considered.

Why Choose Farber Center?


At Farber Center you will be both heard, and empowered. We take the time to listen to you and answer any and all questions you may have.

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Not all Periodontists are the same. We believe in the connection between your oral health and your general health and approach our treatments with your whole health in mind.


We are diligent in our efforts to provide the latest in dental technology. This means a better diagnosis, faster treatments with less pain, and a better recovery for you.

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We are a group of highly trained dental technicians who all share the goal of a healthy body through excellent oral care. We utilize the latest in dental care technology to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care and leave our office with brilliant smiles.

What People Are Saying

I’ve been seeing Dr. Batalias for my dental implant. She is great and the staff is as well. Everyone is friendly. They walk you through the procedure and keep you as comfortable as possible, checking in with you throughout. My tooth extraction was pain-free and recovery was a breeze. I had my implant put in and it was pain-free as well, with only mild soreness. They even topically numb your gums before injecting Novocaine. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to have periodontal work or implants done. Update: I went to work the day after my implant, no swelling or pain and my co-workers couldn’t believe it.

- Christina B.

I like going here for my dental care. Dr. Farber and his staff are nice and friendly, and I would recommend Farber Center to anyone who needs care.

- Peggy K.

I was treated by Dr. Batalias for periodontal work and a dental implant. Over the course of the treatment she was excellent and very knowledgeable. Extremely caring with a wonderful personality and above all no pain!! The staff is excellent as well—extremely kind and courteous. I highly recommend them.

- Richard T.

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Dr. Alan Farber
Dr. Vasiliki Batalias
Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis
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