Although fluoride is not essential to every person, fluoride can be a huge help to those who have periodontal disease. Every patient we see in our office receives a fluoride treatment unless they do not want it. It helps in the process of fighting gum disease and maintaining your overall oral health. What Does Fluoride […]

In reply to questions from prospective patients, the dental professionals from Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants discuss temporary restorations. Temporaries are necessary after individual implant treatments and All-on-4 surgery that replaces entire rows of teeth. They are the first step toward tooth replacement that gives you back your smile and a firm bite. […]

Are you missing teeth? If yes, putting off replacement could mean more than ruining your smile and affecting your self-confidence. The Many Consequences of Missing Teeth Your teeth have three primary functions: chewing, helping to pronounce words and making up your smile. When one of your teeth is missing, those three functions are impaired — […]

Our periodontists help patients who fear the dentist with compassion and new technology. We make it our goal to ensure patients are comfortable during their visits. Scared of the Dentist? Sometimes our new patients vocalize their fear of the dentist. If they neglected their oral health care for a long time because of that fear […]