When You Need Periodontal Treatment, Get all the Facts First Finding out you need gum or oral surgery can feel like a stressful experience, even if you’ve noticed symptoms and suspected it for a while. If you’re in Suffolk or Nassau County, NY, the excellent news is Farber Center dentist offices in Hauppauge and Medford […]

Here is How LAR, LANAP, and LAPIP Can Save Teeth and Gums Laser gum surgery has changed the game for many of the most important and needed periodontal treatments. Some of the names like LAR, LANAP, and LAPIP might not be the easiest to remember but their value to you if required is undisputed. At […]

Long Island Oral Surgery Services for Tooth Extraction Do you have a toothache or sore area in your mouth?  Suspecting on your own – or finding out from a dentist – that you need to have a tooth removed can be an unnerving realization. But you never should put off a required extraction for several […]

With more than 175 million U.S. adults affected by gum disease, newer laser-assisted surgical methods have essential advantages over painful traditional cut-and-sew periodontal surgery. Farber Center is pleased to offer the LANAP protocol as part of its goal to provide the most effective periodontal surgery Long Island has available. LANAP laser gum surgery is faster, […]