If you have a dental emergency because you have broken a tooth in an accident or bitten into something too hard, we can help. Farber Center provides the best dental implants Long Island has to offer. We understand it is a traumatic experience to break or lose a tooth. But if it happens to you, […]

Having a beautiful smile is a significant contributor to self-confidence and self-esteem for most people. But what if you have beautiful teeth that are partially covered by excess gum tissue? If you do, it’s an easily treatable condition known as a gummy smile. Therefore, if the beauty of your smile is diminished in this way, […]

Educating patients is the key to creating trust and creating an environment that is conducive to case acceptance.

Farber Center Can Treat and Resolve Gum Disease Periodontal or gum disease is often silent, but it is progressive in many people and frequently leads to tooth loss. It also can harm whole-body health and has the potential to aggravate certain diseases such as diabetes. Early treatments were often considered uncomfortable, and many people put […]