Support Immune Health with Periodontal Check-Ups. Healthy gums support a stronger immune system and better whole-body health. The holistic periodontists at Farber Center remind everyone that periodontal maintenance visits — check-ups, cleanings — are even more critical at this time. With coronavirus infections a concern for everyone, it’s wise to do as much as you […]

A Message from Alan Farber, DDS and Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants At Farber Center, we’re closely following the developing public health concerns related to coronavirus (COVID-19).  We want our patients, guests, and staff to know that we are taking extra measures to keep all of our offices, exam and treatment rooms, and […]

Do Your Teeth Look Too Long When You Smile? Years ago, as people became older, they were said to look long in the tooth. It was because their teeth appeared longer when gums and supporting bone began to recede. For anyone noticing this condition today, there are simple treatments to correct it. For example, gum […]