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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Mouth

Facts about your mouth

Most of us go through our daily morning routine without giving much thought to what is going on in our mouths. Sure we brush our teeth and floss, but what’s really going on in there? Here’s 15 facts you may not know: 1. Saliva Helps You Taste Without all that saliva in your mouth you… Read more »

Missing Teeth? We’re Here to Help

Are you missing teeth? Putting off replacing missing teeth could mean much more than merely hurting your image and self-esteem.   The Consequences of Missing Teeth When it comes to teeth, they serve three different, important functions: eating, communicating and smiling. When one of your teeth are missing, you could suffer in the long run…. Read more »

Vitamin D Leads to Stronger Teeth

Did you know Vitamin D puts you on the right track to great oral health? This summer, Vitamin D can help your teeth maintain their strength. Why Vitamin D? Studies have found that Vitamin D can help in controlling periodontal disease. It encourages growth and can strengthen the bones around one’s teeth. This is because… Read more »