If you are unfamiliar with the All on 4 procedure, it has revolutionized the dental implant process. All on 4 procedure can replace an entire row of teeth with only 4 implants! Not only does the method lessen the number of implants needed to replace a full row of teeth. It also eliminates the need for bone grafting. With over 35 million people, in the US alone, missing all of their upper or lower teeth, All on 4 gives a lot of people something to smile about.

What is All on 4 exactly?

The latest dental implant innovation requires minor surgery to insert 4 titanium implants into either the upper or lower jawbone. Titanium is used because of its unique ability to fuse to living bone. These implants will serve as the base for the crown, which is then attached.

All On-4 tooth replacement can cover an entire row of teeth

With the All On-4 procedures we can replace an entire row of teeth

Why is All on 4 better?

  • While the procedure itself seems pretty simple, the advantages that come with it are numerous. The application of only 4 screws means that each tooth does not need its own implant, saving you time and money!
  • As we mentioned the titanium can fuse to living bone meaning it will gradually become part of your jaw. The idea of titanium fusion may seem scary, but it means the implants will not be able to shift as well as ensuring there is no future bone loss in the jaw!
  • A singular row of teeth replacing what previously took multiple implants guarantees a uniform appearance of incredibly realistic looking teeth that would not be available with other options.
  • All on 4 will also remove the inconveniences that come with dentures.


Is the All on 4 procedure right for you?

If All on 4 sounds right for you call The Farber Center 631.265.4442 for our Hauppauge office or 631.758.3700 for Medford. After scheduling a consultation we can advise you and get you ready to smile again! To learn more about the services we offer visit our website: https://longislandperio.com/blog/