Periodontal Services

Gum Surgery

Pocket Correction Therapy (Gum Surgery) is used when your periodontal disease has advanced to the point where supportive tissue has been destroyed and just eliminating bacteria without also using this procedure is not sufficient to prevent further disease progression.

Tooth Removal and Socket Grafting

There are some situations when it is necessary to extract a tooth. When a tooth is extracted it is often recommended that a dental implant be used to replace the missing tooth.

Bone Grafting, Guided Bone Regeneration & Guided Tissue Regeneration

One of the great advances in periodontal treatment is the ability to regenerate supporting tissue. Guided tissue regeneration is a procedure using barrier membranes that stimulate tissue growth necessary for periodontal health.

Root Coverage Procedures

When recession of gingiva (gum tissue) occurs the body loses a natural defense against both bacterial penetration and trauma. When gum recession is a problem the best thing to do is gum reconstruction using graphing techniques.

Crown Lengthening

When decay occurs, or if a tooth fractures below the gum line, crown lengthening may be needed. With this procedure more of the tooth structure is gently exposed from under the gum. Both the gum and surrounding tissues are reshaped. This will allow your restorative dentist adequate room to place a quality crown on the tooth.

Bite Adjustment

When you bite, your top and bottom teeth should fit together securely and with even pressure. If the teeth are misaligned many dental problems can result, including shifting teeth and even tooth loss.

Correction Of Gummy Smile

This procedure can dramatically improve your smile! If you are unhappy with the appearance of short, unsightly teeth, your smile can be greatly improved by a cosmetic periodontal procedure done by Dr. Farber, Dr. Chondroglannis, Dr. Batallias, and their team.

Nitrous and Intravenous ( IV ) Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide (sometimes called “laughing gas") works very quickly. The gas relaxes you and inhibits pain. After the treatment, the effects wear off within a few minutes and you can drive home. No injection is needed with nitrous oxide.

Oral Hygiene Services
Night Guards for Grinding or Clenching

When you have a grinding or clenching habit, called bruxism, you exert excessive stress on your teeth.

Scaling and Root Planing—with & without laser

Scaling and root planing, also known as a deep periodontal cleaning, removes plaque and tartar from below your gum line.

Supportive Periodontal Therapy / Periodontal Maintenance

Supportive Periodontal Therapy, also known as periodontal maintenance therapy, is the key to successful periodontal treatment.

Oral Cancer Examinations

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, mouth cancers will be newly diagnosed in about 132 new individuals each day in the United States.

Oral Health Instruction

Proper brushing along with regular dental visits are the best ways to maintain good periodontal health.

Saliva Testing

At the Farber Center we offer a simple saliva test that provides an oral DNA sample. This test determines the particular bacteria that are present in your mouth and gives us the information necessary to develop a treatment plan specifically targeted to these pathogens.


One of the in-office services we offer is a biopsy, which may be needed if a thorough oral examination reveals anything in your mouth that might be abnormal.


Also called a "dental endoscopy," a Perioscopy utilizes a perioscopy, a very small fiber optic camera, to closely examine periodontal pockets.

Laser Pocket Disinfectant (LPD)

This technology involves the use of a laser with a specific wavelength that kills the bacteria that cause gum disease without harming healthy tissue.